ACX 400

Hydraulic System of Crawler Cranes

Crawler Cranes Hydraulic system consists of pumps, control valves, motors, counter balance valves, pilot valves, hydraulic reservoir & oil cooler. Hydraulic system is total power variable load feedback.
Control Valve(s):
Hydraulically pilot operated spool type
control valves for luffing, main hoisting, auxilliary hoisting and travelling.
Lever operated control valve for slewing operation.
Oil cooler
Oil to air heat exchanger with hydraulically driven fan.
Hydraulic Reservoir:
Hydraulic tank is fitted with suction strainer,
return line filter, breather cum filter, butter fly valve and drain valve. Tank capacity – 300ltrs.

Crawler Cranes Hoisting System

Boom hoist
Boom hoisting is achieved through a reducer powered by hydraulic motor and fitted with counter balance valve. Fail safe brakes are operated hydraulically and external drum locking is also provided.
Main hoist/ Auxiliary hoist
The winch drum is driven through a reducer powered by motor. External drum locking mechanism is also provided. Equipped with switch and pedal for gravity free fall function.

Crawler Cranes Slewing System

Slewing is achieved through planetary reducer and pinion gear powered by hydraulic motor providing 360° rotation for the complete superstructure.The heavy duty slew ring is internal geared type, and provides unlimited slewing in either direction. Spring applied hydraulic multiple disc brake is mounted on the slew gear box and mechanical swing lock is provided.

Crawler Cranes Electrical System

The electrical system is 24V DC (negative earth) and is provided with 2 Nos 180 AH -12 V heavy duty batteries connected in series.The electrical system comprises of ignition switch, starter, indicator light(s), working light(s), cab light(s), fan, wiper, limit switches, gauges and digital load display.

Crawler Cranes Engine

Heavy duty, watercooled, diesel engine of adequate horse power fitted with deaireation tank type radiator and dry element type air cleaner. Fuel tank is of 240 Itrs capacity.

Crawler Cranes Super Structure

The revolving super structure is all welded, precision machined and is of robust construction. The structure is fabricated with high tensile plates and the machined upper structure houses, main hoist, boom hoist and auxiliary hoist.The side platforms of super structure houses, the engine assembly and other hydraulic assemblies. The super structure is mounted on slew bearing and all components are easily accessible for daily maintenance checks and servicing.

Crawler Cranes Under Carriage

Under Carriage consists of the “H” frame and hydraulically extendable track frames as a single assembly. The hydraulic extension of the track frames is achieved through hydraulic cylinder hpw operated by a control lever.The under carriage with the tracks retracted hydraulically, provides for easy movement and transportation of the complete under carriage as a complete assembly. The “H” frame and the crawler side frames are all welded, precision machined and of box type construction. The slew bearing is mounted on the machined top surface of the undercarriage.The crawler drive is achieved through hydraulic planetary gear box in each track powered by hydraulic motor. Spring applied hydraulically released brakes are provided. The steering is achieved through hydraulic system providing skid steering and counter rotating steering in opposite direction(s). The max. travel speed is 1.6 km/hr

Crawler Cranes Main Boom

The length of main boom is 40 mtrs. including top and bottom booms ( 5.5 mtrs.& 4.5 mtrs respectively) and boom inserts (3 mtrs- 02 nos, 6 mtr-04 nos). The flyjib of 15.25 mtrs. length can also be provided optionally which consists of a top and bottom section (3.05 mtrs. each) and 3 Nos. inserts (3.05 mtrs. each).The main boom is fabricated from high tensile (alloy steel) seamless round tubes. The various sections of boom and flyjib are connected together through pins and connectors made from alloy steel and heavy duty pendant ropes.

Crawler Cranes Hook Block(s)

The crane is supplied with 3 hook blocks of 40 Tons, 15 Tons & 5 Tons capacity each. The 40 tons hook block has 4 pulleys suitable for 8 falls whereas 15 tons hook block has 3 pulleys which is suitable for 6 falls. The 5 tons hook block is used for single line application.

Crawler Cranes Operator Cabin

The operator cabin is fully enclosed and ergonomically designed. The cabin is mounted with rubber pads and is well ventilated and is provided with adjustable seat, wiper, light, fan, instrument cluster, air conditioner ( optional), control levers and rear view mirror. Ergonomically placed operator console and instrument cluster ensures ease of operation.

Crawler Cranes Safety Equipment

  • The following safety devices / mechanisms are provided :-
  • Safe Load Indicator with over load cut off function.
  • Counter balance valves.
  • Hoisting limiters provided for main hoist, boom hoist and auxiliary hoist.
  • Boom angle indicator.
  • Boom back stopper.
  • Mechanical drum locking system for all hoist drums.
  • Mechanical swing lock.
  • Audio slew alarm.
  • Safety brake on hoists.

Crawler Cranes Specification

ACE Crawler Crane Specification Chart

Load Chart

ACE Crawler Crane Load Chart